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Relationship between shuttle car rack system and automated warehouse of stacking machine

TIME:18-11-09    NUMBER:1

In recent years, driven by many external factors, such as the rising land and labor costs, the rapid development of e-commerce, the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, the market demand for warehousing automation technology and equipment, and intensive storage systems is strong. Against this background, some new automated warehousing technologies and applications are emerging. In the field of intensive storage, shuttle shelf system, multi-depth automated warehouse and other technologies have developed rapidly in recent years, which also reflects from one side that the market demand for automated warehousing technology is constantly upgrading.

In the fierce market competition, the intensive storage technology with shuttle truck as the core has become an innovative point for some logistics equipment enterprises to seek differentiated development. From the current application status and development level of this technology, it is a useful supplement to the existing automated warehousing technology, and needs to be continuously improved and optimized in the future.

Shuttle truck technology is not a revolutionary technology. The intensive storage system with shuttle truck as its core equipment can not replace the automated three-dimensional warehouse (AS/RS) with stacker as its core equipment, but as a supplementary intensive storage system, it can provide more choices for customers in different industries.

Intensive storage mainly refers to the pallet shelf storage system taking the shuttle vehicle as the core. The emergence of this technology is a manifestation of logistics equipment enterprises striving for technological innovation. Shuttle truck, as a representative of the dense storage system, has a relatively single application scenario, or is suitable for some specific scenarioses, such as food and beverage industry, whose logistics operation is characterized by large quantities and few varieties.