Automatic Sorting

1、 no specialrequirements for material attitude, can be classified smoothly;

2、 unilateral orbilateral shunt, logistics by the impact of small, sorting operation more soft,suitable for sorting easy to turn over or breakable; two-way slider to bothsides can be divided to goods, save area;

3、 modulardesign, maintenance is simple; can be freely arranged with other transportequipment according to the work site, constitute flexible logistics transportation,sorting system;

4、 sortingoperation front-end input sorting command of the way simple, fast, diverse,manual input or bar code (RFID tags) automatically obtained;

5、 sorting speedis high, accurate, this type of sorting equipment maximum efficiency can be upto thousands of pieces / hour, and sorting error rate is low. Sorting ability,sorting number up to dozens;

6、 pairs of sorting items shape, weight, size, packaging and other forms of strongadaptability. Applicable to all kinds of bags, bags, flat parts and other nonrolling objects sorting; 7 high speed, high efficiency, the maximum speed ofthe system can reach 120m/min. And in the 60~120m/min range stepless automaticadjustment, can meet the peak production efficiency, but also to meet the generalwork of low noise, low energy consumption, prolong the service life ofequipment.