Automatic Packaging

Automatic packaging using automatic devicepackaging process control and management, to make it in accordance with theprocedures prescribed by the advance, automatically. In the whole process ofsocial circulation, packaging can play protection, beautification, publicity,sales of the products function, upgrade the competitive power of goods. In theprocess of continuous, the large-scale industrial production, packaging is thelast procedure.

HISONDCS automatic packaging mainly includes:

1. Packaging materials, containers and packagingitems for automatic weighing, transport and finished product outputautomatically;

2. The process of automated, operating mechanismof automatic adjustment and automatic processing of fault;

3. The process parameters (position, size,weight, quantity, speed, sexual state, behavior, etc.) of the automaticregulation and control;

4. Packaging quality of automatic detection andautomatic waste. Goods packaging technology adopted by the degree of automation,control method and can reach vary with goods type, product characteristics,packaging materials (or container) and the restriction of various factors, suchas packaging requirements.